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The Manufacturer accepts a fixed-term voluntary warranty for the following products:

ProductIntended operationWarranty period
FuranFlex®Lining the vertical (+/- 30°) section of the flue gas venting system of oil or gas heating equipment existing in buildings: T200 P1 W 2 OXX25 years
FuranFlex® RWVLining the vertical (+/- 30°) section of the flue gas venting system of wood heating equipment existing in buildings: T450 N1 D2 G10 years
VENTILFLEXLining of the vertical (+/- 45°) section of an air ventilation line existing in buildings.25 years
VENTILFLEX RKVLining of the vertical (+/- 45°) section of an air ventilation line existing in buildings.10 years
FuranFlex® RAIN OR RAINFLEXLining of the vertical (+/- 5°) section of rainwater drainage pipes existing in buildings.10 years

(hereinafter referred to as “Product” and “Intended Operation”)


This voluntary warranty applies to all manufacturing defects, whether due to raw materials, material composition or product structure, as a result of which the Product does not meet the technical requirements.

This voluntary manufacturer’s warranty does not limit the rights of the buyer or consumers under applicable national laws.

(hereinafter referred to as the “Warranty”)


The Warranty shall not apply if the defect is caused after performance by the Manufacturer, in particular, but not exclusively, in the following cases:

  • Application or operation other than the Intended Operation or the Manufacturer’s technical specifications (e.g. inadequate temperature class, pressure class).
  • The defect is due to a fault in the lined duct, pipe or the building.
  • The defect occurred while the Product was transported or stored before installation.
  • Installation errors:
    • The defect is due to any type of installation error.
    • Use of equipment or components not approved by the Manufacturer during installation.
    • Installation by a contractor without a FuranFlex® Diploma. (FuranFlex® Diploma is an installation certificate issued by the Manufacturer or its authorized partners).
    • Absence of the commissioning document (a take-into-operation document signed by the authorized installer of the Product and/or the adjacent heating/air/water system).
    • The Product was not used in a vertical section or the maximum pull angle (see above in table of Intended Operation) was exceeded.
    • The upper outlet of the lining tube is not professionally protected against UV light or precipitation intrusion, wetting (rain cap, humidity seal, etc.).
    • For FuranFlex® RWV: A calibration ring and a steel tube of at least 1.5 m length between the heater and FuranFlex® have not been inserted or the Product has been led through the T-element.
    • For FuranFlex® Rain or RainFlex: Water does not flow with free flow, gravity (e.g. pressure system, blockage, clogging).
  • Operational errors:
    • Damage caused by overheating, soot fire or burn-cleaning.
    • Failure caused by mechanical impact or elementary damage.
    • Damage caused by improper cleaning (e.g. aggressive chemical, abrasion or detergent stronger than pH12).
    • Lack of regular inspections and maintenance according to the local regulation, but minimum 2-yearly, or the invalidity or absence of their documents.
    • Unauthorized interventions, modifications, repairs, or work carried out by an unauthorized company.
    • When replacing any main components of the system (boiler, air handling unit) or changing a key operating parameter (temperature, pressure class, corrosion class, etc.), the operator must carry out a new authorization procedure for the Product. Failure to do so will void the Warranty.

In the case of FuranFlex®, the Warranty applies only to corrosion damage.

In the case of FuranFlex® RWV, corrosion damage is not covered by the Warranty due to the required dry operating environment.

The Warranty does not apply to aesthetic defects or defects that do not affect the technical conformity of the Product in accordance with its Intended Operation.


  1. The primary condition for filing a warranty claim is
    • a Fully Completed Warranty Ticket issued by the Manufacturer or an official FuranFlex® Partner or
    • an invoice issued by the Installer containing at least the following information: Name and address of the Installer company, Product identification information, place and date of installation.
  2. In order to initiate the warranty procedure, the fully completed Warranty Questionnaire is required, which is sent by the Manufacturer or the local official Partner to the claimer after the claim notification.
  3. Within 30 days of the fully complete notification, the Manufacturer shall assess the merits of the claim and notify the claimer. For professional evaluation, the Manufacturer’s appointed expert may carry out an on-site inspection or take a sample of the Product for laboratory examination.
    The Manufacturer shall decide on the technology of repair under its own responsibility (extra lining pipe, application of a repair section, other repair solution or complete replacement of the lining tube).
  4. The Manufacturer undertakes to reimburse the pre-approved cost of the repair. The Manufacturer reserves the right to carry out or have carried out the repair work himself after receiving a quote for the construction.


This voluntary warranty is limited: the total cost cannot exceed

  • 500% of the manufacturer’s list price of the faulty liner pipe for a given country in year 1-3 of the warranty period,
  • 300% in years 4-10 and
  • 100% from year 11 onwards (only for FuranFlex® and VentilFlex).

In addition to costs of repair described in point 4. of Warranty Procedure, the Warranty does not cover any other costs (e.g. daily allowance, visit fee, accommodation cost) or consequential damage (e.g. penalty, lost profit, etc.) regardless of the nature of the damage.

The Warranty does not cover other products used to install the Product or the installation work, which is the responsibility of the contractor who installed the Product.

The manufacturer excludes its warranty and warranty obligations if the product has been damaged or faulted by an event of force majeure (earthquake, war event, natural disaster, etc.).

Valid from: January 01, 2022